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Own a Piece of the Earth: Own a Peace of Mind

As I was going out this morning, I passed the street adjacent to mine and noticed for the first time four plantain trees on the other side of the fence of my neighbour’s house. Three of the plantain trees are heavy with fruits which made them to lean on the fence with their fruits over-hanging to the street.  A closer look shows that there are other plantain and banana trees, orange trees and some vegetables scattered within the perimeter of the fence.

This same neighbour has borehole water in the premise with water taps outside for selling water to people in the streets. Also, there are at least 10 shops, all occupied, along the two fences of the house that faced two streets. Immediately, this thought came into my mind that ‘the poor pays for everything, while the rich owns what they use.’

A man without own house or land cannot dig a borehole water, nether can he plant fruits or vegetables. He must buy everything he consumes besides paying rents. Though he doesn’t have money to buy a piece of land somewhere, he must surely raise money to pay his rents when it is due, whether he likes it or not. Such is the case of those who will not invest in landed properties.

You may want to argue that it costs millions of Naira to get a land in a good area, also it costs millions of Naira if you will multiply your rents by a few years. Well, about 15 years ago, when this man purchased this parcel of land, the place was all jungles with only a handful of houses scattered here and there. Hardly can you find two houses side by side. Now, it is in the midst of a thriving community. All lands in the area fully developed.

A word is enough for the wise. You can take the first step today, if you are interested in owning a portion of the earth, a landed property of your own, which will guarantee you a piece of mind in the future We have lands in several areas of Lagos and Ogun states at affordable prices. We are helping many tenants to become landlords. Stop the excuses and procrastination, as time and tide waited for no man.

Call or WhatsApp Felix Diamond on 07032250000 today. Email: felixdiamond360@gmail.com. Our office is located at 8, Bayo Shodade Street, off AIT Road, Kola Alagbado, Lagos.

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