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5 Shocking Reasons Why Your Landlord Does Not Care About You

These are 5 Shocking Reasons Why Your Landlord Does Not Care About You:

1. He greets you when your rent is due.

2. He increase his rent every year without consulting you.

3. He collects two years rent down payment before letting you in.

4. He cares only about his property and the money he collects from you.

5. He can throw you out whenever he chooses like and for whatever reasons.

Isn’t it time you start planning on how to own your own land.¬†Enough is enough.¬†You can’t continue like this my friend.

A man without own house or land cannot dig a borehole water, nether can he plant fruits or vegetables. He must buy everything he consumes besides paying rents. Even when he doesnt have the money for the rent, he must borrow to pay his landlord to avoid been thrown out into the street,

If you would like to own your own land and live in that house you have always dream of, then this is your chance.

The Good news is with just N2,500 weekly you can own a plot of land today.

For more info call or WhatsApp 07032250000

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